Home Staging: Light it Up Right
Home Staging: Light it Up Right

Home Staging: Light it Up Right

Lighting is probably the most critical element of all the things that go into staging a home. The right lighting will make the home warm and inviting, while the wrong lighting can turn potential buyers off to even the most appealing homes.

Often, a home is not well-lit, especially if there is heavy landscaping and lots of trees outdoors. Unfortunately, you can’t fix the problem simply by turning on all the overhead lights. Instead, you’ll need to find ways to bring in as much natural light as possible and add light where you can. Read on for tips on how to help your clients stage their homes with the proper lighting.

  • Always use three sources of light. You could also call this layering. In addition to the overhead lights, add floor or table lamps or wall sconces. Layering your lighting can add depth and texture, and it’s especially important in older homes that may not have as much overhead lighting. Using multiple lighting sources will also even out the lighting in the room.
  • Change out the lampshades. Consider replacing the shade that came with the lamp with a new one. Create contrast by using dark lampshades against light-colored walls or light-colored lampshades against a dark wall.
  • Don’t forget exterior lighting. The outside of the home must also have proper lighting. Make sure the path from the driveway to the front door is well-lit, and place accent lights where needed. If the home has a backyard feature like a patio, make sure that it is lit too. You don’t want potential buyers driving by the home at night and not being able to see it.
  • Make sure fixtures are modern. Though you may think it’s unnecessary to change out the light fixtures, potential buyers will be considering whether they will have to spend money to update them. Replace any fixtures that look old-fashioned with more modern ones. Of course, make sure all the bulbs in the light fixtures are working.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting. Current homebuyers are looking for homes with energy-efficient lighting. A great way to save energy is with dimmers. You can place a 100-watt bulb in your fan or chandelier and dim it to 50%. Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs or compound fluorescent lamp, or CFL, counterparts.
  • Let in natural light. Buyers love homes with a lot of natural light. This is not something you can add with lamps. Instead, find ways to let in as much natural light as possible by moving things away from the windows and opening the curtains or shades. If the home gets a lot more natural light during a particular part of the day, consider doing the showings during that time.
  • Use light in unexpected ways. You don’t typically see table lamps on top of kitchen counters, but this is a great way to make the home interesting, fresh and appealing. A lamp on the counter will also increase warmth. Think outside of the box.
  • Use Edison bulbs. If you want to add drama or a little artistic flair to a room, consider replacing regular light bulbs with the new Edison filament bulb. These bulbs look like early 20th-century bulbs.
  • Try rustic lighting. Industrial and barn lights are trendy right now. You can purchase them second-hand or find reproductions at Lowe’s.

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