Ratified Title Group


ZOCCAM EMD Application


A mobile application you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play for any funds transfer you need to complete.


  1. Download ZOCCAM from the Apple Store or Google Play. Links are provided below.
  2. Register with your name and email address.
    • Enter your real estate license or if you’re the buyer this can be leave blank.
  3. Verify your mobile device by entering the PIN sent via SMS text message. Follow the instructions after to create your 8-digit, numeric passcode.
  4. Select Capture on the home screen, then the type of funds to ZOCCAM, and the contract information.
  5. Capture the front and back of a completed check.
    • Make sure the check is on a dark, well lit flat surface.
  6. Success! Funds have been sent directly to the Escrow Agent Recipient. Email notification is sent to all parties.

Geolocation services must be enabled on your device for security and best search experience.

Video Instructions