How to Define a Good Title Company
How to Define a Good Title Company

How to Define a Good Title Company


The most important aspect of choosing the right title company is the ability to communicate. You need to work with a team of highly skilled communicators that not only understand your role and your customers’ needs in the closing process but at the same time know how to stay on top of lending agreements and translate forms into a language that everyone involved in the sale can understand.

Working with a real estate title company that is slow in responding, doesn’t communicate with clarity, and have top-performing professionals with the right resources can be a real disaster— and create a negative impact on your business. Home purchases are a job best left to the experts.


Is there something you overlooked? Is your workload overwhelming and leading you to make mistakes or cause delays? If you have a tendency to overlook a few minor details or need another set of eyes to read through the fine print on the multiple forms and other documentation, then a good title company can help spot these issues for you. Mistakes and delays due to overlooking a critical part of the due diligence and closing process can be quite costly and cause undue harm to your reputation as a real estate agent.


Another quality of a good title company is their accuracy and efficiency with financial matters. Does the title process always seem smooth until actual money is involved? Assure that the title company you choose uses a fast and efficient escrow transfer process. Without an easy system for transferring funds, the escrow process could actually slow the time it takes to finalize the sale. A good title insurance agency is on top of escrow for easy transactions.

Security is also very important when it comes to the escrow process. Data and computer systems security is a priority with a good real estate title company. This component of a real estate deal can often be overlooked by other companies that may be “lowballing” the price of their services — creating unnecessary vulnerabilities in the closing process.


Need a better resource for real estate law? A good real estate title company really knows their stuff, and in fact, is often made up in part by experienced real estate lawyers who have already worked their way through years of settlements and closings. It’s an invaluable asset to always have legal experts on hand with a good title company. This way, you (and the seller and buyer) can have peace of mind that purchases and end-to-end processes of closing on a property are performed with “all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed!”


Are you certain that what you’re doing is up to date? You can relax knowing your work will comply with any regulations and standards set by the CFPB. A good title company keeps in step with the latest changes by updating systems and processes to meet any changing requirements over time. Compliance with regulations is necessary, yet sometimes time-consuming process for real estate agents.

With a good title company, you can focus on doing what you do best — helping home sellers and home buyers. This is another important role they serve to make for much smoother transactions for real estate agents during the closing process. A powerful quality of a successful business is to know when to delegate and when to do it yourself. Taking chances with compliance is the real estate industry is not a good idea — and it’s not good for business either.


Working with a good title agency means you get to take advantage of the collective wisdom provided by years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industries. A good title company knows what works and how best to streamline the process because each member adds to the powerful team to make for a solid foundation based on firsthand experience. This expertise is the magic touch that keeps your customers coming back for more.


Have you gone paperless yet? A good real estate title company will have the technology it takes to have an efficient, quality-driven process — offering the utmost in satisfaction for all parties in a home purchase. From electronic market data and financial projections to eSignings and a convenient web portal, utilizing innovative technology is just smart business.


Have you ever worked with a title company that missed the deadline? This can cause a lot of headaches and unnecessary stress for all involved parties. Not to mention possibly damaging your reputation as a professional real estate agent.

There’s no cause for that kind of stress when you partner with a good title company because they’re always anticipating the next step in the process. Experience, comprehensive expertise, and the right resources are central to a successful and smooth closing. A good title agency outlines all the necessary steps before ever taking action to assure that your deadlines are met and everyone’s happy in the end.


Now that you know what a good title company does for real estate agents, are you ready to work with a title company you can trust?

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