4 Steps for Building a Real Estate Sales Funnel
4 Steps for Building a Real Estate Sales Funnel

4 Steps for Building a Real Estate Sales Funnel

Step 1: Awareness

Realtor Facebook page sharing information to bring attention to his brand

You need to get in front of prospective clients before creating the relationship you want with them. This involves casting a wide net as you work to separate out the uninterested from promising leads. You need to bring attention to your brand, but in this case, you’re not asking them to call you. You’re asking them to get to know you.

‌This step could include paying for sponsored posts on social media, hosting free webinars, or writing guest blogs. You could publish e-books highlighting your expertise or share important insights about the market. Basically, you need to create informative and engaging content that interests your prospects. Yes, you are giving this away for free — but you’ll be gaining their email addresses in return.

Step 2: Interest and evaluation

You’ve piqued their interest, but they’re still not ready to sign a contract with you. The second stage of the typical real estate sales funnel is to simply build a relationship. This can help you determine whether they are indeed in your target audience.

The way to do this is to present a clear and consistent message through various channels to demonstrate your brand. Now that they’re on your email list, you can send them more blog posts, offers for free meetings, and additional content (also known as lead magnets) to keep them engaged. Position yourself as an industry expert, and consider creating personalized, retargeted ads.

Step 3: Desire

They like what you have to say, but your prospects still aren’t ready to give you the listing. This is where the funnel starts to narrow. Here’s where you can demonstrate the quality of your work by showing them testimonials from your many satisfied clients or offering a free consultation.

Measure your returns and share your success. If you’ve taken steps to show clients your appreciation, it should be easy to demonstrate what it’s like to be one of your satisfied buyers or sellers.


Step 4: Action

Now, it’s finally time to go in for the ask. Using an automated email campaign, give them something that only you can offer. Perhaps this is inside information about a particular neighborhood or a free offer for a professional home staging. Make it the beginning of a beautiful professional partnership.

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