Agent Forms

Thank you for choosing Ratified Title Group as your real estate title company! We look forward to showing you why we have an extensive list of real estate agents who use us time and time again for their closings. We pride ourselves on the ability to process title settlements efficiently, accurately, and on time. Our goal is to support you from contract to close every time you use us for your clients’ closings.

Let’s Get Started

To begin using our services you’ll need to fill out the appropriate form below. Once completed, you can send this to us via email or fax. These forms are required for us to process your client’s closing correctly and in a timely fashion. The forms are provided in Microsoft Word format.

Next Steps

Once you fill out the correct form above, direct your client to complete the proper forms on the Buyer & Seller Forms page. There are also further details on the Home Buyer Checklist and Home Seller Checklist pages. These detailed lists of instructions will help your clients understand the required documentation before and during closing. Please note if forms required before closing aren’t received this may cause delays during the settlement process.

Don’t forget to look at our information regarding title insurance! Title insurance is important for protecting your client’s financial investment should issues arise during or after the home purchase. Our policies and procedures are also available for you or your clients’ review.

If you or your client have questions at any time during the title settlement process, reach out to us for help! You can call us at (571) 234-5589 or send an email to [email protected]. There’s also an online contact form if that’s your preference. We look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we can.