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Refinancing Settlement

Refinancing Settlement

Get a better interest rate

Refinancing the title on your home can be just as exciting as receiving the keys for the first time. Achieving a lower rate for your fixed rate mortgage can provide numerous benefits as a homeowner. A title refinancing settlement can also be just as stressful if mishandled. Due diligence during this important time is an absolute must to prevent issues in the long-term ownership of a home. If you’re a loan officer or a homeowner looking for a reliable title company, all of us at Ratified Title Group are here for you.


Title insurance is a must have. When purchasing property, lots can be missed in the inspection stage – this is why title insurance exists. Title insurance protects you and your client’s from unexpected property damage from previous tenants. Ratified Title Group offers the best title insurance available for every settlement that comes through our doors.


Beyond customer service, we know the title refinancing process in and out. Our team has a collective 75 years of industry knowledge to guide you or your client effortlessly through the settlement and answer any questions there might be. Other companies may rush through with the settlement as another number, but that’s not how we do business. We passionately believe in achieving the dreams of our customers one step at a time with all of us in sync.

Ratified Title Group is different than any other title company because of how we focus on you and your experience. All customers of ours including real estate agents, loan officers, and homeowners are treated like members of our family. Unrivaled customer service, timeliness, flexibility, and accuracy are the statutes we hold ourselves to in every single transaction we handle. We’re not completely satisfied with our work until the job is completed and done right

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