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Commercial Settlement

Commercial Settlement

Are you closing on
a commercial property?

Commercial Settlement is the legal process which occurs at the closing stage of buying or selling a commercial property. Commercial settlements involve more documents and parties than residential settlements. Real estate agents need a title company with a track record of excellent due diligence and accuracy when handling zoning requirements, seismic assessments, environment risk assessments, and title endorsements.

Unparalleled Due diligence

As a real estate agent, you need someone you can trust with this delicate process. Without proper policies and procedures, a title transaction can quickly be delayed. Ratified Title Group considers any delay unacceptable. You can rely on us to get the job right the first time. Our processors have 75 years of shared experience to execute every title closing with unmatched proficiency and precision.


Title insurance is a must have. When purchasing a commercial property, lots can be missed in the inspection stage – this is why title insurance exists. Title insurance protects you and your client’s from unexpected property damage from previous tenants. Ratified Title Group offers the best title insurance available for every settlement that comes through our doors.

We’re more than just a title company. Ratified Title Group believes in every real estate agent who uses us becoming a member of our family. Every transaction is treated with the utmost care and speed like it’s our own personal investment.

John Wood, CEO

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