Summer Selling Tips for Realtors

As a real estate agent, summer is your time to shine. Longer days and the absence of school commitments make it the prime buying season for clients. If you are prepared, you’ll stand out from the sea of realtors helping clients sell their homes. Continue reading “Summer Selling Tips for Realtors”

Preparing Your Home for a Winter Showing

The busy season for real estate is spring and summer. During the winter months and the holidays, both buyers and inventory take a dip. However, those who are looking for a home during the winter months are highly motivated due to any number of reasons like job relocation, a new family member which requires more living space, wanting to take advantage of tax breaks and year-end bonuses that finally provide the funds needed to upgrade to a new, bigger home. There are some specific things you can do to make selling your home during this time of year easier.

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Successfully Sell Your Home During the Holiday Season

Successfully Sell Your Home During the Holiday Season

Some may say that the holidays are the worst time to try and sell your home. With so much going on during the holidays, especially in a year like this, this may ring true, but there are some advantages to selling during this time of year. There are typically less homes on the market, so you’ll have less competition. People looking to buy a home during this time, generally have a specific reason for doing so and are more serious about buying. Additionally, selling your home before the end of the year will enable you to claim deductions on your next tax return such as mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance and property taxes.

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