Establish Yourself as an Expert on the Local Northern Virginia Scene

Establish Yourself as an Expert on the Local Northern Virginia Scene

Establish Yourself as an Expert on the Local Northern Virginia SceneAs a realtor, your clients turn to you to be the expert on the area. What better way to showcase your knowledge of Prince William and the surrounding areas than to share what’s happening around us? Seasonally, or in monthly newsletters, try featuring local festivals and special events that illustrate how in touch you are with the area. You’ll build yourself as a credible resource for local information in no time.

Want to start with your next newsletter or blog? Here are a few upcoming events for the fall season. Continue reading “Establish Yourself as an Expert on the Local Northern Virginia Scene”

Summer 2022 Real Estate Market Update

Summer 2022 Real Estate Market Update

Summer is typically the busy season for the housing market, and the July Virginia Realtors® home sales report is out. The report shows a noticeable slowdown in the housing market during the month, even though home prices continue to rise. Continue reading “Summer 2022 Real Estate Market Update”

How to Make Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Sizzle

How to Make Your Summer Real Estate Marketing Sizzle

Summer is typically a busy time of year for real estate agents, but it is also when many families, including yours, are out of a routine and spending more time at the pool, the park or the beach. Of course, marketing is essential any time of year, but there are tailored ways to focus your marketing efforts during the summer to get your name out there and acquire more leads.

Summer Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

  • How to Make Your Summer Real Estate Marketing SizzleSponsor a summer sports team – There are plenty of sports still going strong in the summer months, like baseball, soccer, swimming and gymnastics. Consider taking out an ad at the field, arena or other location where the team plays, or you can get your name on the team’s jersey or other items.
  • Create blogs specifically for summer – If you have a blog, consider gearing your posts toward summer topics. You can advise on how to stage a home in the summer, or you can highlight events going on in your area. Local restaurant reviews or a locals’ guide are both helpful to potential buyers. You can also list the best summer real estate reads or the best short-distance trips from your area.
  • Get your name out at the local pools – During the summer, everyone is at the pool. This is the perfect place to advertise your business to potential clients. If you’ve got an open house coming up, consider hanging a sign at the pool to let the community know. You can also host a pool party or hire an ice cream truck to hand out ice cream cones. Be visible and available at your event to make those important contacts.
  • Advertise at local water parks – Water parks are another popular summer hangout where you can advertise your business. Contact the park to find out what advertising opportunities they offer. You could also host a snow cone or lemonade stand.
  • Participate in back-to-school events – Even though it’s summer, school is right around the corner, and it’s not too early to start thinking about sponsoring back-to-school events. Another idea is to bring meals to teachers during staff training days. If you need other ideas, contact the school administrative office.
  • Participate in summer community events – As we’ve said before, being involved in your community is essential to establishing yourself as a local authority, so consider getting involved in a community event or hosting one of your own. Consider the demographics of your community before deciding which event to host. You could host a BBQ or a sporting event. Advertise the event in your newsletter or hand out fliers. Remember to take lots of pictures to use on your social media.
  • Host a hyperlocal market seminar – Hosting a free market seminar focused on your area is an excellent way to grow your business any time of the year. Use this opportunity to guide potential clients on the process of buying or selling a home. Give them the inside scoop on the local market. This is information they won’t be able to get anywhere else, and you will become their go-to for how to buy or sell a home, especially if they are first-time buyers/sellers.
  • Update your online presence – Keeping your website and social pages up to date is another piece of advice that’s good for any time of year. Make sure things like your bio, phone number and email address are up to date. Also, make sure your highlighted listings are current. You could also add a community tour video or photo essay for each of your neighborhoods.

Do you have more questions about summer marketing? We’d love to help! Reach out to us at 571-234-5589 or by email at [email protected]. For videos on lead generation, Facebook tips, handy realtor tools and more, be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

The Best Client Closing Gifts

The Best Client Closing Gifts

After you’ve helped your client buy or sell a home, you’ll want to show them just how much you appreciate their business with the perfect closing gift. The right gift will not only show them that you care but will also yield referrals and make your clients sing your praises.

How Much Should You Spend on a Closing Gift?

The Best Client Closing GiftsThe amount of money you spend on a closing gift is first determined by your market. A good rule of thumb is to spend between 1-5% of your gross commission. Ultimately, the cost of the gift isn’t as important as how meaningful the gift is, so take some time to get to know your clients and find out what kinds of things they like.

The Best Closing Gifts

  • A gift box for their pet – Most people have at least one pet these days. Send your client’s furry friend a gift box from Swaggy Shag or BarkBox.
  • A robotic vacuum – You wouldn’t give a regular vacuum as a gift, but a robotic vacuum is cool! The Deebot vacuum syncs with Alexa, charges itself and has an app. Or you can opt for the more expensive iRobot Roomba.
  • A gift from Tiffany & Co. – A gift from Tiffany’s will be a treat for your high-end clients. Consider a key chain for their new house keys.
  • A consultation with a landscape designer – A well-designed yard can really make a difference in the look of a home, so why not help your client get started with a one-hour consultation with a local landscaper.
  • An evening out – Gifting your client an experience over an object is a great idea, but it can become more of a burden if they have to schedule a sitter and pay for an Uber (if they want to drink while they’re out). Make it easy on them by planning everything. Arrange for a sitter and schedule an Uber XL to go with their restaurant gift card.
  • A membership to a local museum or gym – If you want to gift your client an experience and you know what kinds of things they enjoy, gift them a membership to a local museum or a gym if they are fitness minded.
  • A gift certificate to a local nursery – Instead of picking out a plant that your client may or may not like, give them a gift certificate instead so you know they will get something they like. While you’re at it, form a relationship with the store owner and make gifting a partnership.
  • A cooking class – If your client is a foodie, or even if they’re not, a cooking class is the perfect gift. If your market is near a major city, you can find classes for all experience levels. There are even online classes with well-known chefs your client can take from the comfort of their home.
  • A local experience – If your client is adventurous, consider gifting them a fun local experience like skydiving lessons or horseback-riding lessons.
  • A gift card to a local coffee shop – A gift card to a well-known local coffee shop is an excellent way to make your client feel at home in their new neighborhood. If you have a relationship with the shop owner, it will ensure your client gets a warm welcome.
  • A consultation with an interior designer – This is the perfect closing gift because it’s something the client is not likely to do for themselves. A consultation with an interior designer will help them start to make their new house their own.

The Best Client Closing GiftsDo you still need ideas for closing gifts? We’d love to help! Reach out to us at 571-234-5589 or by email at [email protected]. For videos on lead generation, Facebook tips, handy realtor tools and more, be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

5 Impactful Books for Real Estate Agents

The best professionals in any industry are always learning. The smartest folks know there’s never a point where you can say, “That’s it. I know everything there is to know about being a real estate agent. I don’t need to learn anything else.” With that in mind, here are a few books we recommend to keep even the most top-notch realtors learning more in their field. Continue reading “5 Impactful Books for Real Estate Agents”

Home Staging: Light it Up Right

Lighting is probably the most critical element of all the things that go into staging a home. The right lighting will make the home warm and inviting, while the wrong lighting can turn potential buyers off to even the most appealing homes.

Often, a home is not well-lit, especially if there is heavy landscaping and lots of trees outdoors. Unfortunately, you can’t fix the problem simply by turning on all the overhead lights. Instead, you’ll need to find ways to bring in as much natural light as possible and add light where you can. Read on for tips on how to help your clients stage their homes with the proper lighting. Continue reading “Home Staging: Light it Up Right”

Facts You Should Know About Title Insurance

Buying a home is a very exciting moment in one’s life, but unless you are the first owner of your home, you are exposed to certain risks when trying to purchase a property. Ideally, the seller has a “clear title” on the property, meaning there are no other claims of ownership against the property. It’s recommended that you purchase title insurance in case title defects arise in the future. Continue reading “Facts You Should Know About Title Insurance”

2022 Northern Virginia Housing Market Forecast

Despite low inventory, the housing market in Northern Virginia and the country has been buzzing. Interest rates have been low, and sales have been high, even through the pandemic. Expect interest rates to start to climb in 2022. Otherwise, experts say we’ll see more of the same this year. Continue reading “2022 Northern Virginia Housing Market Forecast”

Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2022

The pandemic led to many of us spending more time at home, and although we are slowly coming out of it, the impact it has had on the way we live (and work) in our homes seems to be here to stay. Consequently, upcoming design trends reflect these recent lifestyle changes. Here are some design trends to keep an eye out for in 2022. Continue reading “Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2022”

Your Down Payment Questions Answered

Your Down Payment Questions Answered

When getting a loan to buy a house, you will typically need to make a down payment. This can be daunting as there is a misconception that all down payments have to be 20% of the purchase price of the house. Some lenders only require as little as 3%, but it’s worth considering that the amount of money you put down on a house can lower your interest rate and monthly payments. Continue reading “Your Down Payment Questions Answered”