Title Insurance

There can be many unexpected twists and turns when investigating the title for a new home prior to finalizing a sale. Protecting the significant investment about to be made is possible through the title insurance services provided by Old Republic Title through Ratified Title Group. Without this protection, considerable risk is taken on by any new homeowner. Although optional, title insurance is a must for making a home purchase enjoyable and stress-free.

Protect your home with title insurance from RTG!

Homebuyer Peace of Mind

Title insurance is a one-time cost added at the home’s closing designed to protect lenders and homeowners from losing their financial investment on the title. Lenders typically will take out their own policy to cover their risk. This policy doesn’t cover the homebuyer and a separate policy must be used.

What exactly can happen that title insurance protects against? A handful of possible title issues that can happen after a home sale are:

  • Someone claiming an ownership interest in the title
  • Leases, contract, or options affecting the title
  • Someone claiming to have rights affecting your title due to forgery or impersonation
  • Someone having a right to limit your use of the land
  • Unmarketability of your title
  • A defective title


Homeowner’s policies will automatically increase by 10% in value each year for the first five years to help cover increases due to inflation. This goes until 150% of the original policy amount. Additional coverage options are also available through an expanded package. A few examples of the 32 added risks covered are zoning violations, subdivision law violations, and building permit violations. This added layer of protection is necessary to protect the long-term investment for many years to come.

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